Work Visa

Obtaining a work visa is not an easy task in Costa Rica.  You can not take the job of a Costa Rican and must be a specialist in your field to be considered for this type of visa.

The following individuals might obtain a temporary working permit in Costa Rica:

Scientists, professionals, teachers, technicians and specialized staff hired by companies or institutions based in Costa Rica.  Also considered are businessmen and board members of national and international companies.

The employing company or institution must provide a document describing the:

Functions to be undertaken by the employee;

Length of the contract;

Salary or wages to be received and

Why they need to employ that particular individual (justification of employment)

To come to Costa Rica and try to find a job that will help you get a work visa is not recommended as it is very difficult and sometimes impossible.  To find the job before you come here and get the work visa straightend out beforehand is.

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