Work From Home in Costa Rica

Work from homeLiving in Costa Rica can be challenging for the one that stays at home. While the spouse that goes to work has plenty of contact with other people and challenges at work, the spouse that is left at home often has nothing to do. I have addressed this before when talking about culture shock but felt that it was time to address a solution to this problem.

You can’t legally work in Costa Rica under your spouse’s visa so what are you to do? Many people have found that working online seems like a good idea but not many people know how to get started in that area. There are so many scams that try to suck you in telling you that you will make$1,000 a week with no experience whatsoever and so on.

I remember when I was searching for something to do when we first arrived in Costa Rica, I was inundated with emails from hundreds of get rich quick schemes to the point that I had so much junk coming into my email box that I had to close the account.

I have done a lot of investigating and talked to many companies over the last 6 years and finally think that I have found one that can work for everyone looking for a work from home opportunity. It doesn’t require a lot of time, of course the more time you put into it, the more money you can make.

You can be paid directly into your US bank account which is good for Costa Rica laws and not being allowed to work under the laws of Costa Rica.

This is only a starting point though; you have to have a niche for something or an idea of a business to create on your own.

When I decided to open an office in the United States for the pet transportation end of my business is when I was introduced to the concept of Site Builders. It is an incredible system and can help you produce income while you are at home.

For more information from the source, go to this site or link on our work from home button to learn more about this incredible opportunity. Then go to our pet relocation site to see what we have done with it with SBI.

Keep in mind that I know NOTHIING about building a website and mine doesn’t look half bad thanks to SBI. The business that I have been able to generate from this site is incredible. We are still building so check back for more changes and updates often.

Another great idea for someone living in Costa Rica is to have a system for sending out cards to friends and family in the US. I know how expensive it can be going through one of the mail forwarders so we didn’t send cards to family and friends for birthdays or holidays for a couple of years until I linked into this system.

You can pick a card out of 1000’s and it is sent out for you for a fraction of the price of what it would cost you to send a card from Costa Rica. Cards are as cheap as .31 cents a piece and you are charged .41 cents postage so you can send a NICE professional card for .72 cents. And if you decide on the right package, you can actually generate income as well as saving money on sending out cards. For more information on this visit our site

Of course if you have any questions on either one of the work at home ideas I have mentioned above, you can email me direct at

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