Windy Season

I recently read on the real costa rica a blog entry that expressed EXACTLY how myself and many others feel about the windy season.  This week I thought I was going to go mad with the screaming winds outside.

The windy season gets on my nerves. Anywhere in the Central Valley, from December to February, the wind blows hard, very hard. It’s as though the wind becomes this evil stepmother lurking around and making my life miserable.

I yell at the wind: just stop for a minute, will ya! Here in the Central Valley, it doesn’t stop – day or night. It blows, and it blows. The air is dry; pools are chilly. Step outside and watch hairstyles go frizzy.

Although the wind keeps it cooler than normal it gets old very fast.  It makes many homes sound like they are haunted with the whistling winds coming through the unsealed windows and doors.  Not to mention sleeping is rather difficult with constant noise throughout the night.

It has only been dry season for a couple of months and I am already looking forward to the rainy season so that this bloody wind will finally go!

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