Weapons of war have no place in a country of peace so the Ministry of Public Security announced recently that he plans to destroy all semi-automatic weapons such as M-16 rifles that have been in Costa Rica since the 60’s.

Apparantly this has come about as a result of the arrest of a police officer under suspicion of stealing two-dozen high caliber weapons from the police station in Guacimo. Also, many guns, ammunition and explosives have disappeared from the ministry’s main arsenal.

Oscar Arias (current president) has a policy of peace and says that in a peaceful country these weapons are good for nothing. He went further to say that they will be taking an inventory of all of the country’s weapons and destroy all high-caliber guns. This process is supposed to take at least a year??? I’m really not sure how he intends to do this but then again that’s why I’m not President.
I read that these weapons that are being confiscated are being cut up into little pieces and the remnants form the monument to peace that stands in San Jose’s Parque de la Paz. Who knew?

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