Visa for the US

We recently tried to get a tourist visa for our maid to go to the United States for a visit. After waiting in line for 5 hours, she was denied the visa along with several other people waiting in line for same.

You must prove that you have ties and a reason to come back to Costa Rica. Now Lourdes has 1 child and 4 others that she has guardianship for as well as a bank account, a car and a house and a job of 2 years with us but apparantly that was not enough. She has been a permanent resident of Costa Rica for over 20 years although she is from Nicaragua and that seemed to be the deciding factor. That she is from Nicaragua but living in Costa Rica.

I have seen people get visas with less ties than she has so it was a shocker to me that they would not grant her the visa.

During this trip I saw a woman that was engaged to a North American that has a good job in Costa Rica and bank accounts and other ties that could not get a visa. The agent suggested that she apply again when she was married and maybe then they would grant her a visa.

So if your thinking of coming to Costa Rica and marrying a Tica/Tico then returning to the US with them, it may not happen. I was surprised at how many people were denied that seemed to have all of their ducks in a row.

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