Veterinary care

We have outstanding veterinarians in Costa Rica.  But note that anyone can call themselves a vet so you have to be careful that your vet is actually a vet and not just someone that has hung up a sign that has no license.

Our vet Juan Carlos with Pet Cafe I believe to be one of the best in the San Jose area. He cares so much for the animals and it shows, he’s not superficial at all. Juan Carlos has several clinics and rotates throughout the week.  In one of his clinic’s, in Belen, they serve all types of coffee treats for the owners while the pet is in with the vet.
Today I went to see Juan Carlos for health certificates for 2 dogs going to Moscow, Russia for a fraction of what the cost would be in the US.  While you get excellent care, the prices are excellent as well.  Very reasonable!!!

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