Vet Care

We have many animals as you might have read on earlier posts. One of our dogs Taubi has a very odd skin condition. My vet calls it the “Michael Jackson disease”. Where Taubi only a couple of years ago was a beautiful brown and black Akita, he is now 95% white. His nose has gone from black to pink and his eyes have even changed colors from dark brown to blue. He also has a thyroid condition and a skin condition that we can’t seem to get control of.
If we were in the states, we would not be able to care for Taubi because of the expense involved. Fortunately, we live in Costa Rica where the vet care is not only excellent but also affordable.

Our vet comes to the house to either treat Taubi here or to take him to the clinic and treat him there then if he takes him, he returns him at the end of the day and for a FRACTION of the cost that it would back home.

This last visit, Taubi went to the clinic for a couple of skin biopsy’s(requiring stitches), was seen by a pathologist along with our regular vet. It will take 2 weeks to get back the results from the biopsy so we still don’t know what is causing the skin issues with him.  This is our 3rd round of tests for him.  This time they did it a little different so hopefully we will have a clearer picture of the problems that he is having very soon.
For all of this and enough medicine to choke a horse, we will get out for around $200.00. You can truly afford to take care of your pets here without breaking the bank in Costa Rica by very good vets.

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