They are so smart!

I recently read a story of a very remarkable dog that I wanted to share. This is about a Rottweiler dog assigned to a woman afflicted with epilepsy, and was trained to sense changes in her master’s body to alert the master about a coming seizure. On one particular night, the dog would not allow her master to go to sleep, and kept the woman awake by walking around in circles on the bed. Unable to sleep, the woman went to the kitchen to get water when she suddenly had a seizure and fell, hitting her head on the cupboard. The dog, seeing that her master was lying on the floor, first got the cordless telephone and put it in the woman’s hands. After realizing that her master was unconscious, the dog pressed the phone’s speed dial for 911 with her nose, and promptly started barking into the receiver. The operator who received the unusual call fortunately decided to trace it anyway and sent an emergency team to the address. If that wasn’t unbelievable enough, the dog then unlocked the door and went to lie down next to her master until the paramedics came. The woman was brought to the hospital and was successfully revived, and she came out fine with only a small bump on her forehead. Every day she thanks her “guardian angel,” the Rottweiler, for saving her life.

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