The Central Valley

The 80% of the population of Costa Rica is settled in the Central Valley. I believe the reason for this is that here is where the hospitals, english speaking doctors, american schools, private schools and all the shopping is located. If you choose to live in Guanacaste you are so far from all of the things that you were accustomed to living in the states. There are restaurants, any kind of food you would want to find and so much more offered within the Central Valley than in anywhere else in the country.

I have heard on more than one occasion of someone being hurt in one of the beach areas and having to be transported 4-5 hours to a private hospital where they will get the best care in Costa Rica. This puts a burden on the ones that have to leave their home quickly and find a place to stay in the valley until their treatment is completed.

While living at the beach does have it’s advantages (living near the beach) I wouldn’t trade my location for anything. With 3 children in private american schools, we wouldn’t have that option at the beach. Also, I’ve already mentioned our frequent trips to the hospital. Can you imagine having a child to break an arm in a serious way then have to transport them to the Valley for proper medical care? I can’t!

Not to mention the climate in the Central Valley is much nicer here than at the beach where it is hot hot hot all the time. The temperature in the Valley stays around 70-75 year round. City of Eternal Spring!
Everything we need is here. I wouldn’t trade locations for anything.

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