Taxi drivers and directions

Giving directions in Costa Rica is challenging to say the least.  First you MUST know your north, south, east and west or you’ll end up at the beach when your heading for somewhere in the Central Valley.  Directions go something like this…100 meters east of El Pava Restaurant, 250 meters from where the big old tree used to be.  And that is no joke!  Not only do you need to know the name of every restaurant/landmark and where it is in Costa Rica, you must know where the landmarks are that “used” to be there.  This is where a good taxi driver comes in handy.  Somehow they do know where everything is and can get you there in a blink.  Taxis can be found at the airport and most hotels when needed.  You can also go out on the street and flag one down if your out and about and can’t find your way.  You can give the directions to the taxi driver and lickety split your there.

I once heard of directions being given to a house as 200 meters from the house where Senora Carvella shot her husband.  Now how the heck is a gringo supposed to know where that is???

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