Take Care

Whether your taking a vacation or taking a little time to check out Costa Rica to see if it is where you want to live and retire.  But be careful and don’t act like your on vacation or you can be the target of some not so nice people. Costa Rica has earned the reputation as a cool travel destination, but don’t let the Pura Vida vibe lull you into negligence. Crime is rising, especially against tourists and a savvy traveler knows not to stick out.

If out and about, know where you are going, and if you don’t, act like you do.  Never walk with your head in a guidebook, or while consulting a map.  Step into a shop to do that.  And whatever you do, don’t go out walking after midnight, or after dusk for that matter.  Spread your cash and valuables between inside pockets and hidden money pouches, and AVOID the fanny pack.

Don’t wear your Rolex or gold jewelry when traveling in or around San Jose.  Better to put that stuff away for safe keeping so as not to tempt someone to take it from you.  Keep your passport in a safe in your hotel so as not to run the risk of loosing it.  Getting another passport can be very time consuming and not a fun way to spend your vacation.
Keep bags in sight, especially on the bus, and don’t fall asleep with your bag on the overhead rack.  Avoid big crows, where pickpockets are common.  Be cautious-but not rude-when approached.  If you are mugged, stay calm, not confrontational. Your worldly possessions are not worth taking a knife in the gut, or worse.

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