Ecuador beat Costa Rica 3-0

Ecuador beat Costa Rica 3-0 to make last 16 at World Cup
Hamburg: Ecuador beat Costa Rica 3-0 Thursday in their second match in Group A at the World Cup, entering the knock-out stage of the tournament together with hosts Germany.

Striker Carlos Tenorio scored the opener only in the 8th minute into the game as he knocked the ball into the net off a cross from midfielder Luis Valencia.

The Ecuadorans continued their attacks after the break and Agustin Delgado scored the second in 54th minute, leaving the Costa Ricans dumbfounded.

Ivan Kaviedes kicked the ball into the net after midfielder Edison Mendez found him in the penalty box in the injury time.

Both Delgado and Tenorio scored apiece when playing against Poland on June 9.

Throughout the match, the Ecuadorans leashed continuous attacks on the Costa Ricans, forcing goalkeeper Jose Porras to either dive or par off many a threats.

Their attacks were forceful and their defence stable, leaving few chances for the Costa Ricans to strike the ball into the box.

Earlier Ecuador defeated Poland 2-0 in their first game in this World Cup.


Costa Rica vs. Germany

The game was a great! Costa Rica played very well fending off 30 shots on the goal. The final score was 4-2 Germany where pre-game estimates had Costa Rica losing by as much as 5-0.

Costa Rica scored 2 goals, one in the first half and one in the second, both by Pablo Wanchope.

Costa Rica goalie Jose’ Francisco Porras had a busy day blocking several shots that appeared to be certain goals.

Costa Rica plays Ecuador on Thursday the 15th and Poland on June 20.

I’m sure everything will come to a halt as far as business goes again on these days. It was interesting to walk by the bank and see everyone inside in their Costa Rica team shirts watching the game with the doors locked and all business stopped. As I suggested, you could hear hollering throughout Costa Rica during the game. It was a very festive day.


Today is the big day!

Costa Rican’s will stop everything they are doing to watch the World Cup Soccer game today at 10:00. Schools are out, business are closed and the schools that actually have classes are taking a break to watch the game at school. There are over 4500 Costa Rican’s that made it to the games in Germany. Everyone else has their TV tuned in to the game of the century. We will hear sounds from the neighborhoods for those rooting on the Costa Rican team as they play today. It is a very festive day!

Costa Rica has 2 other games to play during this tournament whether they win or loose. We are hoping they win of course and go all the way!