Packing Pointers

Spring and summer are typical moving seasons, and whether you’re homeward bound or off to another exciting assignmnet, GACR would like to offer some tips that may help make the whole process go a little smoother.

  • Plan early. Organize your items into seperate categories, such as pack, charity, and toss out.
  • Keep valuables such as jewelry, original documents (birth certificates, passports, insurance papers), and cash with you as you travel. Also, keep favorite kids’ toys and security blankets seperate from packed items.
  • Fine art and fragile belongings require special packing. Ask your mover if they have a special packing division for this area.
  • Wood items such as carvings or furniture should be first protected by paper to absorb moisture as opposed to bubble wrap, which may cause condensation to build up.
  • Some countries like the United States does not accept shipments of self-packed items. Only certified professional packers are permitted to pack and unpack goods to ensure the contents are as listed on manifests.
  • Self-packed items are not usually covered by insurance.

Consult GACR regarding specific regulations of Costa Rica, as well as our complete list of services available.