Dental Cost

If you haven’t heard already, Costa Rica is the place to come for dental work. The prices here are so reasonable you can pay your airfare and hotel and still come out cheaper than you would in the US.

Today I took one of my children to the dentist for 2 fillings and to have a tooth pulled. Total bill was less than $80.00. Yes that is $80.00 US and it even included the local anethesia. I think the last time I paid to have a tooth filled in NY it was well over $200.00 for one tooth and that was several years ago.

One of our friends is having braces put in and was complaining that it costs so much. Nosey me I asked how much is it costing you? The response almost had me falling out of my chair. He’s paying $50.00 per month for a grand total of $1,200.00 US. I quickly told him of another friend in the US that was considering having braces done here because it is going to cost $8,000.00 at her dentist in the US. He thought maybe he was getting off cheap after that conversation and probably won’t complain as much about how expensive it is here.

I recently had to have a root canal and porcelin crown on a molar. The grand total for my bill was only $500.00.

If you considering having major work done, there are several very well qualified, often educated in the US dentists here that will do the same work for a fraction of the cost in the US.

Should we ever leave Costa Rica, we will come back to have all of our dental work done. One of my children is going to need braces and you can’t do it any cheaper than you can here. It’s worth the trip and you get to see a little of paradise while your here.