More on Children’s Day

The children came home today full of candy with painted faces and high on chocolate.  They had a blast at the school festivities in their honor.

This is not supposed to be anything like Christmas but I have found through the years that any excuse to buy presents for my children, I tend to go overboard. Bouncyballs, stuffed animals, hotwheels, baseballs and bats and more.

Tomorrow (the actual Children’s day) they are participating in a neighborhood party for the children.  They will have more candy, more chocolate, pinata’s and lots of fun.

This country really loves their kids and I think it’s great that they have a day, or in this case 2 days celebrating the life of the children.


Children’s Day

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are for the kids. Saturday is el Día del Niño (Children’s Day) in Costa Rica. The day is not exactly a legal holiday but festivities honoring the nation’s children will be part of school activities Friday.

Parents and close family members will be preparing small presents to be distributed Saturday.

Friday public schools and some private ones will have fiestas for the students in anticipation of the next day. Children’s  day is always Sept. 9, but this year the date fell on a Saturday.

The most universal celebration will be in individual homes. This is not Christmas, so presents will be modest. But there will be lots of candy and other treats and perhaps a fiesta with cake and ice cream and maybe even a piñata.

For expats, a small gift, creative but not expensive, is traditional for young family members, children of employees and perhaps children of neighbors, depending on the relationship.


Mothers Day

Mothers Day in Costa Rica is quite an event.  This year it falls on Tuesday the 15th of August but because of the day of the week that it falls on, the day of celebration is Monday the 21st of August.

All of the federal offices, banks and many businesses close for this tribute to the mothers.  Mothers are seen as saints in Costa Rica thus the big holiday. Because of the 3 day weekend, everyone will be taking off for the beach but will be taking their mothers along to celebrate her day.  If your considering taking a trip to the beach, this weekend might not be the time to go as traffic is going to be horrible both coming and going and most of the hotels will already be booked up if you haven’t already made your reservations.

Enjoy your mothers day, and make sure that your special mother knows that she is appreciated and loved.


Legislators Vote Themselves a Holiday

More than one Legislative Deputy has their bags packed and ready for a vacation, as the Legislative Assembly goes for recess from July 10 to July 14, resuming functions on Monday July 17.

The vacation period was approved by 46 legislators with three giving the thumbs down.

The vacation coincides with the mid-year school break as more than 1 million students have been off school this week and are set to return on the 17th. The mid-year break is a traditional holiday for students and their families to hit the beaches and mountain resorts.