Spanish classes in Costa Rica

In the better schools of Costa Rica, children are offered one hour a day of spanish instruction. They begin at the beginning for children that know no Spanish at all to intermediate classes where children speak a little Spanish. After one to 2 years your children can be bilingual and after 4-5 years they will be totally bilingual. This is one of the great advantages to living in Costa Rica.

All 3 of our children are completely bilingual and often times we use them to translate the more complicated things and they do it without even thinking about it. Our daughter speaks with a perfect Spanish accent and her spanish is as good as or better than her english.

If you are considering moving to Costa Rica to give your children a chance to learn a second language, I highly recommend it. They learn proper Spanish and this sets them up for great jobs in their future. My daughter can translate most anything given to her after only 5 years of Spanish and my boys aren’t far behind.

For more information on which schools offer SSL (Spanish as a second language) contact Guardian Angels and we can point you in the right direction.

If you are looking for Spanish classes for adults there are literally hundreds of schools to choose from. Some are definately better than others and again, we can recommend the best for your needs.

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