You can see on the Discovery Channel everything you might want to know about Costa Rica snakes. I heard about the huge species that you could find in Costa Rica long before moving here. So naturally I expected to see snakes crawling all over the place. That is the way they make it look on TV do they not?
In my 6 years of living here I am happy to say that I have only seen one snake and that was just a couple of weeks ago. Our gardener was nice enough to bring the 7 foot (yes I said SEVEN FOOT) snake to my door to show me his prize catch for the day. Fortunately for me, he killed it before he brought it to my door. Otherwise I think I would have had to kill him along with the snake. I have a gun and I know how to use it.

Now I am not a violent person but when there is a 7′ snake involved in the picture, I can’t be held responsible for my actions.

What was kinda funny about this whole thing is that the gardener went from door to door in the neighborhood that I live in to show his catch. He was very proud.

So from my perspective, there are not a lot of snakes crawling along the ground as Discovery would lead you to believe. I have been in the rainforest countless times and have yet to see a snake there in it’s habitat. I have to come home to suburbia to see a snake. Go figure.

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