This woman was skiing down a ski hill that was new to her. Eager to get going, she missed a sign that would have directed her safely. As she turned a corner, suddenly a man dressed all in black – a tall man with a commanding presence — dark hair and eyes, stood right in her line of vision and directed her in a different direction. She told me that there was no way to not obey him and she wondered what a man dressed all in black without skis or boots would be doing up on the hill in the middle of nowhere. His sudden appearance made her fall. And although she was bruised and bumped, she was not seriously hurt. When she looked up to speak to him, she saw that he had disappeared. Not only had he disappeared but there were no tracks in the snow indicating that he had ever been there. When she examined the spot and looked to where she had been headed, she saw that if he had not distracted her when he had, she would have skied right over an outcropping high enough to seriously injure or even kill her. It occurred to her later that this Angel must have worn black so that she would see him clearly against the snow white background of the ski hill. There was no doubt in her mind after seeing no tracks and the sudden disappearance that he was an angel.

With thanks to Jan

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