Semana Santa

Costa Rica is closed for business for the next few days!!! The streets are bare, traffic…well there isn’t any to speak of. The valley is a virtual ghost town. Getting around a breeze right now. Great if you live in the valley!!

Everyone is at the beach. You cannot find a hotel anywhere near the beach unless you booked it months ago.

Buses are not running on Thursday or Friday so the laborers and domestics cannot get to work on these days either. The country pretty much shuts down for Easter. I tried to call the bank today and they aren’t even answering the phone 🙁

The airport is closed for transporting animals because all of the government agencies are closed that approve the documents for the animals to come in and go out.

Today is Holy Thursday, tomorrow is Good Friday. Nothing is happening business wise. This is a long weekend for rest and relaxation. Most people are spending time with their families and friends during this long holiday in Costa Rica since they don’t have to work. Aside from Christmas, this is the biggest holiday of the year.

Happy Semana Santa to everyone!!!!

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