Today, while driving, no more than twenty meters from me I saw a person being robbed. I must say the robbers are terribly quick.

Just for you to know. If you drive by the “Rotondas” in Hatillos, there is a bridge that crosses the road (and I suspect that is where the robbers watch the cars looking to find people leaving their bag on the left seat). They approach the car from behind and in this case the guy hit the car one time on the back side in order to distract… less than a second after he smashed the glass and took the bag from inside the car. In less than three seconds he was running with this other guy and ran across the road to get lost in between two houses.

I always put my notebook on the left seat and tied it to the hand break… now I think is is not so secure anymore.

Be careful because in that zone that type of robbery is very common, last month there was a report on TV about Hatillos and the rotondas.

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