Realtors in Costa Rica

There are as many Real Estate agents as there are lawyers in Costa Rica.  Everyone is selling property or knows someone that is selling property including your taxi driver or maid.  Real Estate is a lucrative business in Costa Rica.  The problem is that not all of these real estate agents are looking out for your best interest in fact many of them are not.

It is very easy to buy a piece of property in Costa Rica if you have the cash to do so but it is not as easy to sell your property if you decide you have bought in the wrong location.  Everyone has a “deal” that isn’t going to last if you don’t sign the contract right now but beware of those people because often times what they are selling you has an elevated price tag above what the market value is.

There are good and honest realtors but it is not likely you will find them yourself.  The dishonest and bad realtors seem to do the most advertising to sucker someone into buying something often times without even seeing it and this is bad news.

There is ONE company that I know of in Costa Rica that represents only the buyers and look out for their best interests and not the sellers.  In the states it is common to find “buyers brokers” but this is a new thing to Costa Rica. If you can find a realtor to look out for YOUR best interest and not that of the seller you will win hands down.

This particular company mentioned above is located in San Jose but has property all over the country.  They are good Christian people that genuinly care that you find the right home for you and not just that you find a home.  For more information about this company and other reputable realtors that can help you find your own little piece of paradise, email us and we will be happy to pass your contact information on to them.

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