Pets Leaving Costa Rica

Now we talk about pets leaving Costa Rica 🙂

As of February 2009, the TSA in the USA will not allow anyone to book their own pet as cargo coming into the US.  As excess baggage if you are on the same plane, no problem.  But as manifest cargo, you will have a problem as TSA will not allow anyone that is not a known shipper to book a pet into the US on an airline carrier flying into the US.

For this among other reasons, like travel to the US being higher than in years in the past, our moves are up considerably this year.  This past week was a record setting week for pets coming out of Costa Rica.  It seems that 3 families with multiple pets decided to leave all within 3 days with us.

A record week for World Pet Travel was 18 pets out of Costa Rica in 3 days.  Andrea, Jose, Edgar and Mandiel were at their best in these days.  Thank goodness for all the great people with World Pet Travel and those that support them in Costa Rica.

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