Pet Relocation-Costa Rica

This is the time of year that many individuals and families start looking toward their move to Costa Rica.  Whether for a job transfer, coming down to experience a different way of life or just to start something new.  There are many reasons to move to Costa Rica but don’t forget your dog when you make the move down.

Some think that there is a quarantine in Costa Rica or their is a waiting period before you can bring your beloved pet.  This is not so.  Pet relocation to Costa Rica is very simple if you have someone or some company that knows the ropes and how to get through the customs process.

If your pet relocation consists of you and your cat in a bag arriving together at Juan Santa Maria, you can do this move alone as there is not an import permit or other documentation from Costa Rica.  The same holds true if you are bringing your pet as checked baggage.  It is by far the least expensive form of pet relocation and the simplest by far.

Another story holds true if you must send your pet as manifest cargo.  This is a very safe way to send your pet and often times the best for families that have much more on their list of to do’s during this busy time.  Your pet relocation can go smooth as silk with the right pet transportation specialist in charge.

Nowadays you can hire someone to take care of the move for you.  Someone that is well-versed in pet transportation can come to your home and pick up your pets.  Travel kennels will be provided and made ready for international travel.  Your pet relocation specialist will make all of the arrangements for the move and can actually provide door-to-door service.  This person or company can get the necessary permits, thwarting any confusion or problems with customs.  Then when the move is complete your pets will be returned to you in fine condition.

It is best, if traveling to Costa Rica with a larger pet, to have a pet relocation specialist to keep everything moving along quickly and smoothly.  This will insure your babies do not spend the night in an empty warehouse waiting on you to bribe their way out the following day.

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