My husband and I take our children to school each day and are in awe at the way people drive which I have mentioned before.  However, what really gets us is the when we see 4 people walking abreast on a smaller than small two lane road with big trucks in one lane and our car trying to squeeze by on the other lane.  Makes it kinda hard not to hit someone.  They don’t even acknowledge a car is coming.

I was raised when you see or hear a car coming GET OUT OF THE ROAD!  Apparantly that is not what the mothers teach their children here.  In all fairness I’m sure they tell them to look out for cars but maybe they don’t tell them that they have to get out of the path of the car.

There are a lot of pedestrians killed each year and it is no wonder.  Between the motorcycles and pedestrians walking down the middle of the road it’s almost certain your going to hit someone at sometime.

Another thing, if you have driven in Costa Rica and gone through a toll booth or had to stop at a light, you have no doubt seen the vendors walking between the cars trying to sell their wares.  Again an accident waiting to happen, they walk between cars as though they aren’t even there.

I don’t know what Costa Rican culture says about walking down the middle of the road but it appears it is an acceptable habit.  For the life of me I can’t understand someone not getting out of the way when there is a big truck bearing down on them.  Another thing to ponder…

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