Hi and thanks so much for your help with the dogs and cat.  The transition was great, no problems.  And the introduction to Andrea and her family for transporting the pets to Home Creek.  Also her dad has been a great help by surveying our property.  And dont forget Sergio for the corps., documentation and dealing with ICE for us.  A great bunch of people you have helping you.  Big thanks to Andrea for the new puppy she found for us in SJ.  The Toyota you bought for me is the perfect mountain car, lots of fun.  Keep in touch.


Bruce Simpson

Dear Angela,

Just a short note to thank you personally for helping us transfer our dogs back to the UK .

When we started this process we had no idea about how to go about this, but your invaluable help meant that we could rest assured safe in the knowledge that every detail was taken care of with the utmost professionalism and care.

You kept us informed all the way, which took away any worries that we may have had and the dogs were so well looked after, that we knew they would arrive safely, which they did.

Many thanks again and should we ever come back we would not hesitate to use you again.


Vicky Sanchez

I found Angela looking for information about moving my pets to Costa Rica. After contacting Angela she soon realized we were not the ordinary type of people she deals with, We only needed A few things from her so she customized her price to fit our needs. From A to Z she took us threw the procedures to get our two mini pins and Penny our bird into costa rica and believe me birds are not easy. Without her help I believe penny would still be in the US. Angela can take A family who has never gone anywhere through the steps of moving or people like us who have many experience’s in traveling. She specializes her services to meet your needs. Angela helped us get our Costa Rica driving licenses and without her we still would be in line.

Once moving to Costa Rica you will find their is no mail delivery for your bills, I was waiting for my phone bill which never came, so they turned off my service. My husband was back in the states finishing off business and I was here alone, with out a phone. Angela drove all the way over to my home and left me her husbands cell phone ( no charge). We have become friends over the last 15 mo.. I would recommend her to any one who is considering moving to Costa Rica, whether your needs are small or major. We have been here in Costa Rica for 15 mo now and love it. But like she states in her website, their is culture shock, so any help you can get overcoming this is greatly appreciated.

Nancy Fuller

My wife and I first contacted Angela at the beginning of 2006 when I decided to retire and move to Costa Rica. I knew moving to another country with different laws, customs, and culture would be, at best, difficult.  My opinion as to the degree of difficulty has proven to be correct. It is not anything like moving within the states. I decided that we would need all the help we could get in order to give us the best chance at enjoying our new life adventure.  Please realize that 40% of expats moving to Costa Rica move back to their country of origin within the first year.

Angela has been a wealth of information and a great help in dealing with all the issues that one is confronted with when completing such a move. Believe me there are issues. It has been very comforting to know we have someone who has gone through this helping and supporting us. I highly reccomend Angela’s service to anyone planning such a move. Believe me you will need and appreciate the help.

We have been in Costa Rica now for 5 weeks and are greatly enjoying our new life here. I don’t think we would be this comfortable here this soon without the help we have gotten. Thank you Angela!

Andee Daughtry

Moving to a foreign country is never easy.  There are always going to be difficulties and hardships to deal with.  I certainly had my share when I moved to Costa Rica.  However, the GACR program provides such a hands-on, personal level of service that all those worries and hardships are minimized.  Informative cultural training, service/goods explanations, and shopping services offered by GACR really make the adjustment and transition very simple.  Even better is the house-hunting process.  Because of GACR, my residence is in a nice, safe neighborhood, and I got an incredible deal that even the most savvy of Ticos would be hard-pressed to get.  I feel at home already and have been enjoying life in Costa Rica since my first day.


Kyle Anders
Intel Corporation 

During the spring of 2005, my husband and I decided that we were sick of living in the States. All the “keeping up with the Joneses”, the road rage, the bad schools were really getting to us, so we decided we wanted to move. We researched so many places in and out of the U.S.A. but finally made our decision to move to the central valley area of Heredia/San Jose in Costa Rica. While surfing the web, I came across several message boards with postings about Guardian Angels and Angela Passman, so I checked out her website. After looking thru her very informative website, I emailed Angela to get her take on how well I was prepared for our move and relocation to Costa Rica. I am 100% positive that NO amount of web researching would have made our transition to Costa Rica more successful than the help that Angela and her team have provided us!

Angela has done so much for us: helped us with getting a bank account (easy in the States- near impossible here without the correct procedures), helped us buy a car (and negotiate the price), get our children into an excellent private school, introduced us to a reputable lawyer to assist with our immigration, helped us find doctors, dentists, most important- find a home to rent. Even small things like showing us where to shop and how the currency works were all done by Angela and her team. She has introduced us to many people in the community, so that very quickly, we feel at home in a foreign land. Angela even set up Spanish classes for us and helps me practice when we speak on the phone. Truly, what Angela has helped us accomplish in less than two weeks would have taken us months to do by ourselves. We wholeheartedly recommend that if anyone is considering a move to Costa Rica that you utilize her relocation service, besides deciding to move to Costa Rica, it will be the best decision you will make!!

Jennifer and Dan Stout

As I began planning for my move from the United States to Costa Rica, I realized that there were many fine details that needed to be addressed. I continually received conflicting information about residency, movers, bringing my pet into the country, opening a bank account, and obtaining a driver’s license. I was feeling stressed and worried about making sure that everything was handled correctly.

I was on the Internet looking for information on bringing my dog into Costa Rica when I came upon The Guardian Angels website. I started reading all the information there and realized that Angela Passman was just the “Angel” I needed to help me make my move and transition less stressful. I contacted Angela right away via email and she responded quickly addressing all my questions in a thorough, professional manner. She provided clear, concise information on bringing my dog through customs, and I had no problems. Angela even met me at the airport to be sure that my dog and I arrive safely. She contracted an International Mover for me, and all my belongings arrived on time, intact, and damage free.

She personally escorted me through the process of setting up a bank account and getting a driver’s license. I could have never done these things on my own, but with Angela, it was hassle free. I have been in Costa Rica for three months now, and Angela continues to keep in touch with me, making sure that I am settling in fine. I know I can call her even if I just want to ask where to get my hair done. She really cares about her customers. I sincerely recommend using Guardian Angels for your move to Costa Rica. Angela’s professional, efficient, friendly service will make your move as easy as it can be.


Joan M. Borreli
Very happy Guardian Angels Customer

Guardian Angels was our life raft. We came not knowing anything about Costa Rica other than it was where we wanted to be. With the help of Angela and Melissa, we found our way to the right school for our kids and the perfect house (the 2 most important things to us). We were taken everywhere and helped through so many things that we didn’t even know we needed. They even helped us find a maid to help with our house and kids. We were given a broad perspective on what it is like to live in Costa Rica. They made our transition an easy one, and I would highly recommend their services to our friends or anyone else that is coming to Costa Rica. Angela is truly our Guardian Angel and I can’t imagine making the move without her help.

Tom & Erica Caudill

Thanks for the advice you gave to Sandy regarding our new home in Costa Rica. We found the a great house for our family, and don’t feel we could have done that without your assistance.
We relied heavily on your experience and advise in our search for a suitable home and school for our children and you proved to be the right source for finding both. Our children love the school and have already made many new friends.
The assistance you gave us with the transportation of Milly and Kelly relieved us of what we thought was going to be a burden. You were so much help to us, and we appreciate you making this transition an easy one for our cats and our family.

Frank and Sandy

Words can’t explain my appreciation for your assistance with my move to Costa Rica. From your arrival at my home in Florida to our arrival at my home in Costa Rica, you managed everything with such a professional approach.
I knew that the transportation of 7 dogs was not going to be easy, but you made it seem easy and stress free for me. It’s like you took all the stress out of it for me with your positive and upbeat attitude with the whole process.
This was truly door-to-door service with you even accompanying me on the flight to insure the safety of my babies. And customs was a breeze with you in charge of the process upon our arrival in Costa Rica. I feared someone would end up in quarantine but it didn’t happen because you had everything in the right order and walked us right through the most difficult part with ease.
When you arrived at my house in Florida with all the crates ready to go, down to the names of my dogs on each crate, I knew I was in good hands and you proved this on more than one occasion with this move.
Angela, your help proved to be invaluable. Thank you so very much for all that you did for my babies and me.

Darlene Whipkey

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