Other Scams

There are several real estate outfits that would like for you to send them a sizeable down payment without ever seeing the property.  BEWARE!  Some of these businesses are not ligitimate. Just because they are based in the United States does not mean they are credible.

You should never buy property in Costa Rica without first seeing it, then determining if the person selling it is indeed the true owner to the property.  Many people have been taken advantage of because they are too trusting of other North Americans.

Just because we are all from the US, it doesn’t mean we are all honest.  Please use the same business savvy that you would at home.  Costa Rica is full of shiesters looking to make a buck on a rich American.  By the way, the term “rich American” refers to anyone living in North America rich or not, we are all perceived as such by much of Costa Rica.
There are no golden eggs here and property that is for sale today will more than likely be for sale next week and even next month.  Take your time, do not rush into purchasing something.  If you don’t do your homework, you can get burned!

Property is very easy to buy in Costa Rica.  There is an abundance of “good deals”.  It is not so easy to sell.  You can easily overpay if you don’t know what the market price is for a place. Then getting your money back out of the place can be next to impossible.

I don’t mean to be so negative but I have heard of too many people on the wrong end of a real estate transaction with all of their money tied up in something they might never be able to sell.


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