New Scam

There is a new scam in Costa Rica. If you are selling your home, be aware that not everyone coming to look has honest intentions.

Recently an unknowing individual placed an ad for his house for sale in one of the Spanish speaking newspapers. When a couple came to look at it offering a very good price inturn for being able to examine the property closely, the man claimed he was ill and excused himself to the bathroom while the wife distracted the owners. The man went to the master bedroom and took all of the jewelry and money he could find.

The home owners fortunately caught onto the scam as the man was leaving and got their things back but this is not always the case.

Be careful who you let into your house. They could be casing your house to come back later and really rip you off. You might be better off to use a Realtor to prevent something like this from happening instead of trying to sell it yourself with things like this going on.

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