My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel
a true story by “Fish Chris”

In 1994, while living in Northern Louisiana, I had decided to go on a night time fishing trip by myself. My truck had been having some problems and would occasionally die. Then it would require two people to start it again, one giving it some gas, the other bridging the starter to the frame. I knew it wasn’t very smart to leave on this trip by myself, but being the fishing fool that I am, I said a prayer, and went for it.
I was about half way into the 40 mile trip, and at least 10 miles either direction from any kind of help when my truck died. I coasted to a slow stop, my mind racing about what to do next. I then got out of my truck, and said another prayer…… “Lord, I know I was foolish to attempt this trip by myself with my truck acting up as it has been, but if you can please help me get it started, I will drive it straight home, and I won’t go fishing again until I get it fixed”. As I lifted my head I immediately noticed a brightly lit church to my left across the road, which I had not seen before I bowed my head. “How could I have missed a large, brightly lit church on a pitch black night” ? I asked myself. Then as I turned my head to the right, there was an old pickup truck which I did not hear roll up to within 15 feet of me, even on a gravel driveway. An older black man stepped out of the truck and told me, “Hi, my name is Willy……. I’m your angel and I was sent here to help you”. Having never seen an angel, and not having prayed specifically to receive one, I thought to myself, “What an interesting choice of words”. Of course being the logical guy that I am, I quickly brushed off his statement as just a manner of speaking.
Anyway, in the warmest, friendliest voice, Willy reassured me and with his help, we quickly had my truck started. I thanked Willy and after a sharp U-turn, I was rolling straight back to my home.
The next day I told my mother about this nice old guy named Willy who had helped me out of a very tight spot. She suggested that I should bring him a gift…… maybe some catfish from the pond next to our house. I told her he should be easy to find, as his driveway was right across the street from a brightly lit church.
A few days later, after having my truck fixed, I was once again traveling the same road, as I had done countless times before. I drove extra slow and kept my eyes peeled for the church, but I never saw it…… not on the way to the lake, not on the way home from the lake, not on any of the numerous trips to and from that lake ever after !
Now I have no doubt that Willy really was an angel, sent to me by God, to help me when I needed it the most. I also have no doubt that I will see Willy again, whether in another time of need, or at the gates of heaven to greet me.

With God as my witness,
“Fish Chris”

PS, I have never seen a UFO, and I don’t believe in bigfoot

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