Moving pets to Costa Rica

Moving pets to Costa Rica or leaving Costa Rica is easy if you have the right information.  We move pets for many families either entering or leaving Costa Rica to and from all parts of the world.  First thing you need to know is to get the right size cage for your pet so that they can travel comfortably.  I don’t suggest an oversized one like above as you cat/dog will feel very insecure  in such a large cage.  Get one just their size and it is like a haven or a den for them and helps them through the transition.
Requirements differ for each country, so check with your closest IPATA member to find out the requirements for your pet.  If you are relocating to Costa Rica or leaving Costa Rica, Guardian Angels can help you with the moving of your family pets.  For current information on what is required to fly with your pet, email us and we will give you the most up to date information to make this a tranquil move for everyone.

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