Mother’s Day

Today is the most celebrated holiday in Costa Rica.  Dia de Madre or Mothers Day.  Mothers are honored by flowers and gifts by all of their family and usually a family gathering.

This is somewhat like mothers day in the states but Costa Rica takes it to a whole other level.  Today is a federal holiday in honor of mothers of Costa Rica and everyone gathers at mom’s house to tell her how she is cherished.  I think that is nice.
As you might have read in an earlier article, last year the government decided to make any holiday that fell after Tuesday be changed to the following Monday in order for Costa Ricans to take advantage of a 3 day weekend.  This worked for all of the holidays but Mothers Day and due to ALL of Costa Rica revolting to the idea of changing Mothers Day, the government decided to keep it where it was on August 15th and celebrate it on whichever day of the week it fell.

So go visit your mom, or give her a call even if your North American.  Every mother likes to be acknowledged on Mothers Day.

My family celebrates Mothers Day twice a year, once in May for the US holiday and once in August for the Costa Rican holiday.  How cool is that????

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