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The BIGGEST NO NO’s For Pet Travel!
Safety of a pet is paramount!

* Sedation of a pet (even if the vet says so!) Most airlines have adopted this policy and will refuse to accept a sedated animal.
* Feeding a pet food prior to the flight.
* Buying a cheap crate or using an old broken down carrier/crate with missing bolts/cracked plastic or wire crate.
* Not exercising a dog prior to the trip to the airport.
* Rushing to the airport and stressing you and your pets out. If late checking in, the airline can refuse to accept the pet.
* Placing hard objects in the animal’s travel carrier/crate.

Pet Cargo Area Conditions/Regulations on the Aircraft:
The following must be in place in order for a pet to travel on the aircraft

* Temperature controlled within 10 degrees of the cabin.
* The crate able to fit through the cabin door.
* Oxygen for each pet in the designated area.
* Separated from luggage and all other goods.
* Families of pets are kept together when possible.
* Cats are by cats, dogs by dogs, birds by birds.
* Mechanics of the plane must be in perfect condition in this area in order for any pet to fly on an airline.

Contribution by Bridget Monrad in Arizona at Happy Tails Travel

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