Money exchange

Most banks have ATM machines (cajero automatico in Spanish); most are part of the country’s ATH (A Toda Hora) or Red Total networks and can accept international cards.  Check with your home bank for transaction charges and if your PIN needs to be converted for use here.  Most times it does not. Lines of epic proportion form at state banks (Banco Nacional, Banco de Costa Rica, Bancredito, Banco Popular) but all offer currency exchange.  If you do choose to go to one of the state banks, you might want to bring a book to read as the line can be long.  Private banks (BAC San Jose, Scotiabank, Banex, Banco Cuscatlan, Banco Interfin) have much more tolerable waits, but not as many branches.  If you are in the Central Valley you should have no problem finding one of the private banks as there are so many.

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