Medical Care in Costa Rica

US and Costa Rican medical tourism agency Health Choices International has developed answers to perennial questions they are asked by potential customers.

There are three principle reasons why individuals from a developed nation would travel to Costa Rica for healthcare.

1. Affordability – For many, healthcare at home is too expensive.
Costa Rica has cost savings of 40%-80% of US prices.

2. Accessibility – The medical treatment needed is not available in their home country or the waiting list is too long. Individuals are simply not eligible for certain medical treatments due to age or health limitations – hidden medical rationing. In other circumstances the medical treatments are simply not available due to cost. Costa Rica has none of these problems.

3 Quality. The boom in high-quality healthcare providers internationally, primarily in less-developed countries, has made treatment overseas at the same quality as at home, easily available.

Costa Rica has quickly become one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world for cosmetic surgery, dentistry or operations such as hip and knee replacement,

Costa Rica’s healthcare system is very advanced and is considered one of the best in Latin America. For some procedures, it ranks higher than the US.

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