Lost Radio Part 2

To follow up on the story of my lost radio…I figured out how they broke into my car and it was quite ingenious as it prevented the alarm from going off.  The bad guys broke the lock.  Looks like they took a screwdriver and broke the mechanism.  Now I wouldn’t think this would open the car but then I’m not a thief so what do I know about these things.

I started the process to get the loss paid for by the INS (insurance company of Costa Rica).  The first part was to go to the police station to report my loss.  This was fairly simple and went along fairly quickly. The police station was in central San Jose and since we arrived early, the whole process took under an hour.

Then off to INS in Pavas.  This was a little more complicated and far more paperwork to complete.  When my cell phone rang, I was told to turn it off as your not allowed to talk on cell phones while in an INS building.  Who knew?  We were at the INS office for an hour and a half with only 5 people in line in front of us.  Told you there was a lot of paperwork.

Nothing was resolved during this visit to the INS.  Now we have to call some kind of inspector to schedule an appointment to look at where the radio used to be.  This is supposed to happen this week.  I don’t know what the next step is past that but will continue when I have more information.  Still no radio, still no money to buy one.  Pura Vida

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