Leaving Costa Rica with pets

If you are leaving Costa Rica and have pets there are a few steps that you must take to insure a safe trip for your beloved pets.  Leaving and entering have different rules and regulations.  Depending on the destination entry requirements into another country will vary.  It is extremely important to know these rules and entry requirements or your pets can be put on the next plane back to Costa Rica.

We work with agents all over the world and coordinate with them flights and entry requirements for each country.  We help satisfy those requirements in advance of departure to make this a smooth move for the whole family and to take away a little bit of the worry that comes with moving pets.

Recently a veterinarian in Costa Rica sent 2 dogs to Europe without the proper documentations.  The owners had already moved to Europe and were anticipating the arrival of their beloved pets.  Unfortunately when the dogs arrived in London without the necessary documentation they were put on the next plane back to Costa Rica.  In the owners panic, they contacted IPATA for an agent in Costa Rica that could help them.  We picked the dogs up at the airport and brought them to our boarding facility where we began the process of getting them to England.

We kept the dogs for 3 months (time necessary to get rabies titres) and worked with a veterinarian that is well versed in the requirements for shipping pets to Europe.  After we got back the rabies titres and the EU Certificate was completed, we made reservations for the pets to fly back to Europe.

On October 2nd the dogs arrived in London and were accepted by customs without incident.  This whole episode cost the owners so much more than it would have if they had originally contacted someone that knows about shipping pets.

If you are leaving Costa Rica with pets, contact Guardian Angels CR Relocation Specialists to coordinate this move for you and save yourself a possible nightmare like the one mentioned above.

If you are not in Costa Rica but are planning on coming, we can also work with you to insure a safe move for everyone.

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