Investing in Real Estate

Under the Costa Rica Constitution, non-Costa Ricans have the same rights as Costa Rica citizens to purchase, own, develop and transfer real estate.

All title deeds are registered on the National Property Registry Registro Nacional. This national registry serves the same purpose as town or county title records in the United States. You can check Costa Rica title registration records on-line at You will need the property’s Folio Real number.

As a registered property owner you are entitled to:

  • Possession, which can be as an individual, jointly with two or more people, in trust or in the name of a corporation;
  • Benefit from whatever the land can provide (farming, minerals, etc.);
  • Alter or transfer your land;
  • Defend your land from trespass;
  • Claim restitution if your land is taken for a public purpose (eminent domain).

Most real estate transactions in Costa Rica utilize a corporation. There are several reasons for doing so:

  • You remain anonymous;
  • Your personal assets are protected;
  • You can put the shares in the name of a spouse or children to avoid probate;
  • The annual fee to register a corporation is only $3 to $25. There is no capital gains tax upon transfer or sale.

All property bought or sold should be registered and titled on the National Registry. As an added protection, title insurance is available on all property through U.S. title insurer Chicago Title or one of several other title companies in Costa Rica.

We are always ready to answer your questions about your Costa Rica Real Estate investments.

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