Immigration laws HAVE changed

It was reported earlier that the new immigration laws were to be shelved until December 2007 because of the lack of funding, that is no longer the case. Even though the funds aren’t there to enforce the new laws, the new laws DID go into effect on August 12. How this affects you…..amounts necessary to file for rentista status has doubled and then some.

To file for residency under Rentista status, one will need $60k per adult and $30k per dependant. This would make a family of 4 need $180k put into a bank account in Costa Rica to be kept in a secured account for a period of 5 years insuring that you have at least $3000 per month to live on. This is cash necessary up front, can not be made in payments.
This law was to be put on hold until December 2007 but because of the bureaucracy in Costa Rica it has gone into effect until further notice. Many are still in hope that this will be changed but as of this time it has not and it’s not looking very promising that it will change soon.

Government does not have the funds to enforce all of the new immigration laws but this portion of it is being held true.

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