I have a Guardian Angel

I have a Guardian Angel who watches over me
She knows everything I do –Where I go, and what I see.
Sometimes she’s on my shoulder, or beside me in the car
I know she’s taking care of me at home, or traveling afar.
The still soft voice I sometimes hear is my Angel, guiding me –
How close I may have come to Death from dangers I could not see!
But my Angel sees me safely through each day, and brings me home.
I feel her constant presence and know I’m not alone.
I pray for help and instantly she’s here, arms open wide
To shelter me from all Life’s hurts and kiss the tears I’ve cried.
You say that you can’t see her? Never mind, I know she’s here –
Her loving arms are wrapped around me, comforting my every fear.
Aren’t we glad that God sends Angels to guide us through the day?
It’s His way of showing us the path when we can’t find the way.
The next time your Angel whispers, listen closely and take heed –
For God has sent it personally to take your hand and lead.
Then when our life on Earth is ended and we greet Eternity,
Our Guardian Angels will escort us to our place at Jesus’ feet.

Elaine Chapman Stevens© 1998, all rights reserved

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