Homes under 50k

I’m often asked for homes in the 50k price range like some of the books of Costa Rica say are available.  Unfortunately those books are outdated and with the real estate boom in Costa Rica prices have gone up considerably. Homes under 50k are a thing of the past in San Jose area. If you choose to live in a remote area of Costa Rica, I’m told these prices can still be found (I haven’t seen them), but what you are giving up to live there are the comforts of close medical care, close proximity to schools, shopping and other conveniences of the Central Valley. Anytime you come close to a major city, the prices will go up.

I’ve checked with several Realtors to see if these properties are still possible and get a resounding NO!  Some have gone further to say, you can get a chicken coop for that price but not anything one would want to live in.

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