Holy Week in Costa Rica

It doesn’t seem like it has been a year since Holy week but we are coming up on it shortly.  The holiday this year will run from Saturday April the 4th until Tuesday April the 14th.  Many businesses will be closed and customs will be working on a limited staff for the first part of the week.  EVERYTHING will be closed April 9,10,11 & 12.

Buses will not run, banks will be closed, EVERYTHING will be closed.  It will be like a ghost town throughout the central valley.  Because the buses don’t run, no one that rides the bus (which is about 80% or more of the people that work in the stores, banks, businesses) can get to work.

Do NOT send a pet into Costa Rica during this 10 days.  Your pet WILL sit in Customs for the whole time and there will not be a way to get in to feed or water your pet.  This is a very serious warning.  Do NOT test the system!  You will not win this one.

Enjoy the holiday.  Many people will be at the beach this long weekend.  This is the most expensive week to go to the coast and if you did not make reservations 3 months ago, your chances of getting a hotel are very slim.

Have a wonderful vacation!

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