Helping People

I have always been empathetic to other peoples problems and therefore I find myself being very helpful to those in need. When I have sold real estate it was the joy I got from helping people find their dream home more than the money that gave me my high. This is why it seemed so natural for to me to start a business helping people adapt to Costa Rica once we got over the hurdles ourselves.

Because we went through so much difficulty and heartache upon arriving in ‘Paradise’ I knew others would follow with the same problems we had. And to be fortunate enough to be able to help and make lifelong friends along the way has been so rewarding. This is the greatest job I have ever had. Not only do I get to help people who genuinly need assistance with finding their way around Costa Rica, I get to meet lots of great folks in the process. We get to go through the ups and downs of moving to Costa Rica one step at a time together and it seems that I have been able to make a difference in peoples lives that have worked with us.

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