I purchased a gun a few months ago when John was traveling a lot.  Not that I really needed one but coming from Texas it just seems natural for me to have a gun in the house.  Him being from Connecticut he was anti-gun until he was away from home and even then not so tickled about it.

If you have a corporation getting a gun is quite a bit easier than it should be. If you don’t buy it under the name of a corporation it can be a little more difficult.

To buy under a corporation you need a personeria de juridica, cedula for the company, copy of your passport (certified by an attorney) or copy of your cedula (certified by an attorney).  The gun shop will tell you if I have left anything out.

The main thing is that you don’t have to be tested or do psycological testing as you would if you try to get it in your own name.

For more information check with your gun shop.  They are very helpful (of course they are, they want to sell you a gun) and will tell you how to register the gun if they don’t do it for you which is a must do.

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