Great plumber!

We had to call in a plumber this week as one of the hot water heaters went on the fritz. We felt certain we were going to have to buy a new tank or be told we needed to buy a new tank from whomever we brought into the house to look at it.

We got a referral from someone but still were a little wary that we were going to get taken advantage of and since our recent robbery we are a little more than nervous about letting anyone into the house.

We had an appointment scheduled with this plumber for around 10:00am and he showed up right on time. He went and accessed the damage in just a few minutes. Once he was done looking at it, he told me that he needed to go pick up some parts that needed to be replaced. Could I give him the money to pay for the parts…………been there, done that, have the tshirt, but since he came recommended I gave him $100 and sent him out the door, not sure if I would ever see him again.

I was relieved when an hour later he showed up with a bag full of parts and a receipt in hand. One hour later, the job was done. Of course the hot water didn’t work immediately as it had to heat up first so again I shelled out money in good faith with hopes of a good outcome.

I am happy to report that there is a great and honest plumber in Escazu that does as he says he will and charges you a fair rate for a job well done.

You will hear many stories that don’t go as well as mine did and people do in fact get ripped off every day somewhere in Costa Rica but today was not that day. That being said, Costa Rica is not any worse than the US, I hear just as many if not more of people being taken advantage of in the states and that is one of the many reasons that people are coming here.

When you find a good mechanic or a good plumber hold onto them and pass their name onto your friends. These guys depend on us as much as we depend on them. I have heard of these guys not getting paid for work that they do so the bad stuff goes both ways.

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