Gas Prices

Gas prices have reached an all time high in Costa Rica and it is going up again next week. Since you buy gas in liters here and your odometer is in kilometers it is difficult for some of us to do the conversion to actually find out what we are paying for gas by the gallon and harder to find out how many miles you get to a gallon.

Yesterday when we were sitting in the drive through at the bank I noticed a man pushing his car through the line. I thought, poor guy, his car must have broken down. But then behind him came a second man doing the same thing. I was told that Tico’s do this to conserve gasoline. Now I can’t imagine how much they can possibly save doing this but I guess if you do it enough every little bit adds up.

I also while sitting in line did the computations and was horrified to find that I am paying almost $5.00 a gallon for gasoline. That is FIVE DOLLARS per gallon. My car uses diesel so we get a little break on the price but it is still over $4.00 per gallon.

The next time you go to the gas station in the states and complain about how much gasoline prices have gone up, remember us down here in Costa Rica higher prices than what you are paying and on 1/3 of the salary that you are making in the US.

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