Gas prices to Increase in Costa Rica

Drivers in Costa Rica will soon be paying about 5.4% more at the pump thanks to price increases approved Friday by the Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP).

At the request of the National Oil Refinery (RECOPE), the regulatory authority analyzed requests for price increases and approved hikes of 5.4% for super gas, 5.8% for regular gas, 8.2% for diesel and 2.3% for kerosene.

The price of one liter of super gas will increase from ¢588 ($1.13) to ¢620 ($1.19), while one liter of regular gas will jump from ¢522 ($1) to ¢584 ($1.12). Diesel gas will increase from ¢392 ($0.75) per liter to ¢424 ($0.82), and kerosene will cost ¢436 ($0.84), up from ¢426 ($0.82). Finally, airplane fuel will increase from ¢645 ($1.24) to ¢698 ($1.34), according to a statement from ARESEP.

RECOPE cited the increasing cost of fuels on the international market and increasing operating costs as reasons it requested the price hikes.

These new prices will go into effect as soon as they are published in the official government daily La Gaceta.

Tico Times

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