Garage in Costa Rica

To follow up on my last post, this post actually is related to the last.

I understand that “Garage in Costa Rica” is a rather strange subject but it is something that you need to think about if you are moving to Costa Rica.

In the US and other countries you CANNOT leave your bicycles in the carport, because if they don’t leave the same day you leave them out, they will be gone soon.

We have had both carports and garages in our homes in Costa Rica.  We have lived in protected neighborhoods and unprotected but very nice neighborhoods.  One morning as we were all leaving for school, my youngest, son at the time 6, went to the front door and squealed.  When we ran to the door we saw a man trying to crawl back over our 10 foot wall, with spikes at the top.  In his hands were one of our nicer adult bikes.  Well in an attempt to get away, as John tried to chase him, he dropped the bike and took off.

You NEED a garage, even if you are in one of the nicest neighborhoods, if you are planning to keep ANYTHING outside.  This is with the exception of a dog.  No one ever tried to crawl over our back fence, that opened up onto a golf course, because in the back we had 250lbs of Akita’s walking around.

Garage or carport? Definately a garage if you can find it.  If you can’t don’t leave anything outside that you want to keep thinking it will be fine for a minute.  NOT!

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