El Diario

The day after the earthquake El Diario put 2 very graphic photographs on the front page of their newspaper.  These pictures were very disturbing to say the least.  The first picture was workers pulling from the mud two children and their mother buried under tons of dirt and mud.

This is not the first time that El Diario has published such upsetting photo’s. There has been countless photos of victims of vehicle accidents.  It seems the bloodier the pictures are, the more likely you are to see it in print.

For families that lost loved ones as a result of the earthquake and all of the mudslides, this is a terrible thing for them to have to see.

There are many people in Costa Rica that are lobbying for some kind of sensorship for this paper.  As of now, it is considered by the paper to be freedom of speech.  There are several petitions that are making their way around the country asking for the paper to stop putting such graphic pictures out there.  Hopefully when people speak their voices will be heard by the editor of El Diario and they will put a lid on this type of journalism.

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