Earthquake in Costa Rica

You might have already seen the news in the states or maybe you read the paper online like I do, or you were there when the big one hit.  Whichever of these you fall under, Thursday was a very memorable day in Costa Rica.

There was an incredibly strong (6.2) earthquake that made the world shake for what seemed like an eternity.

Many people are missing and believe trapped under the many mudslides that have taken place all over the country.

From what I understand, the area around Poas was closest to the epicenter and caught the brunt of the quake.

As of this morning, there were 15 counted dead and many more that were missing or hurt.

If the first quake wasn’t was bad enough, the aftershocks which were as strong as 4.0 continued to shake the whole country for several hours and into the night.   Not many felt good about laying their heads on the pillow last night for fear of another devasting quake.

Well, the night passed and Costa Rica is almost back to normal.  There is an abundance of work that must be done on homes and buildings throughout the country. With roads collapsing, many are still stranded.  I heard that 400 people were stranded up and around Poas because the roads collapsed as a result of the big quake.

We pray that everything will get back to the way things were and that rescue workers find people stranded rather than dead when searching for the survivors.

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