Drivers license renewal

Officials at the MOPT state that they are going to reject driver license applicants whose medical report does not include the drivers blood type and a don’t stipulate they want to be an organ donor or not.

The medical report (dictamen) is completed by a private doctor.  Many of these doctors (dozens of them within 2 blocks of the MOPT) are have been leaving this portion of the medical report blank.  This is not acceptable by the officials working inside the drivers license office.   If this is left blank, you will be sent back to get another medical report that states your blood type.  Then you get to start the wait all over again with the lines….the never ending lines.

All drivers are supposed to present a report from a private lab stating blood type of the driver.

There are still some doctors that will simply take the word of the applicant.

Until recent years, you could tell the doctor your blood pressure and they would write down whatever you told them without ever taking out a blood pressure sleeve.

Doctors at the MOPT are doing a better job than they have in the past.  This is a good thing.

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