Cross necklace

Thursday is my daughter’s 13th birthday and in honor of that I wanted to buy her something she has wanted for a long time.  A cross necklace in gold.  You would think this would be easy enough to find and in the US it is but here in Costa Rica it seemed impossible today.

Of course there is no Walmart so the next best thing for a gringo is to go to the mall.  I searched through every jewelry store in two malls and came up empty handed. Of course if I wanted to get her a $500.00 diamond cross I could but given her track record in keeping up with jewelry I don’t think that would be a wise investment.

I see people wearing them all the time but have no idea where they are getting them.  Of course today when I’m looking at everyone’s neck I passed I didn’t see even one for someone to ask.

In a country that is 80% Catholic you would think they would be on every corner in every store.  The secret I think is to go into downtown San Jose to all the jewelry stores there.  Not only would they be cheaper than in the mall, I would probably have a larger selection to choose from.  The more I think about it the wiser I get.
So tomorrow it’s off to San Jose.  I don’t have a radio to worry about getting stolen so what better time to go.

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